Goldi Goods

I design for comfort, for that feeling you get when you put on a jacket and it's just yummy… yep that's why i make clothes.  I believe in reducing waste in our fast fashion world. ..all the discarded, unwanted garments I will reimagine into a style that is timeless.
I'm inspired by my delicious, strong man who I adorn with my designs. 
My kids lilke two new dewdrops, my mind rolls wild with all the wonderful fabrics I can dress them in.

The previous ten plus years spent in Oakland sprouting my clothing line where raw, fabulous, foggy and beautiful.
Landscapes change and so do we. 
Winds, palm trees, torrential rain and endless rainbows are my view now. 
Maui inspires beauty, richness, vibrancy and truth.
Goldi Goods is the next layer in my creative process. 
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